Entry #1

Thank you! <3

2013-08-16 23:59:19 by RoRo-Royerboat

Thank you guys so much for becoming fans! I love you all c: <3

Is there any type of art you guys want to see more of?


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2013-08-17 02:52:34

More that revolve around video games. Maybe something with Bioshock :o

RoRo-Royerboat responds:

Fo sho! Fo sho! I'll put that on my to-do list! : D

Thanks for the input <3


2013-08-17 03:33:16

no thank u :D

RoRo-Royerboat responds:

Nooooo, thank you <3


2013-08-19 04:44:45

More cute nymphs (http://art.ngfiles.com/images/216/roro-royerboat_rayman-oranges.png)

And Hen Zemi are would great :D

RoRo-Royerboat responds:

You got it, dude! :D <3


2013-08-23 14:53:19

I'd like to see more of the cat girl and yandere fella personally. Even though that guy kind of gives me the heebie jeebies, I think this pairing's kind of cute and are therefore compelled to want to see more of those guys. And just a nerdy request here, but do you think just maybe~ you could draw a pic of when Solid Snake was fighting Liquid Snake on top of Metal Gear REX (shirtless, because that's how real men settle their disputes when engaged in fisticuffs!) near the end of Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes. Just finished the game a few days ago after finally getting through Ocelot's torture segment (you could make a pic of that too, if you're into that kind of thing >////>) and that shit was tiiiiiight!! Thanks for reading about my little nergasm, Mac! (sorry if I was talkin' too much 0////0)

RoRo-Royerboat responds:

Lol, thanks! I'll see what I can do, Blue ;D <3


2013-12-02 19:12:42

I would like to see more things that you just come up with besides that love your art :D


2014-01-12 21:03:28

more of rayman, and crash too


2014-03-07 19:59:25

yeah, post even more stuff <3
I need to put my shit up too but I'm nervous.

RoRo-Royerboat responds:

But your stuff is so godly :c


2014-05-18 01:05:16

It's hard for me to suggest something, when you submit such unusual and sexy work all the time!