Entry #7


2016-05-31 15:29:27 by RoRo-Royerboat

Sorry about the kaboom of posts. For some reason, I couldn't make posts, reply to messages or anything for the longest time! So glad it fixed itself ahhhhhh


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2016-05-31 16:01:25

Whoa that's pretty major, should've emailed someone on staff here... how did the art expo go last year?

RoRo-Royerboat responds:

The night before we were going to leave for the con, a family member died and the services were during the con... Didn't end up making it. :/


2016-05-31 17:14:42


RoRo-Royerboat responds:

Chillin'. Killin'. B)


2016-09-12 21:03:16

Hope you're doing well and still drawing. Last month there were a rash of "If u die on NG, you die IRL" blogs about... shame is, it's true. Hard for me to put time in here, while I'm not on speaking terms with my heart :p

RoRo-Royerboat responds:

Busy with work and laptop finally died. Saving up to get a nice desktop though. As soon as I have my desktop, I'll start posting again... hopefully I'll be doing animations by then too *0*


2016-11-07 23:37:06

I'm sure you can afford to buy a nice quad core computer (or build one) cheaply enough, sure am glad to hear you're ok and working. Sure hope you vote for the orange guy, all the right depots hate him :3